Monday, 6 April 2015

What's Going On At The Garden

Grow With Us
Gardeners love the month of May. At this time of the year, we gaze upon our beloved patches of dirt, seeing in them what perhaps no-one else can see, and begin to tend them like pampered children. If you happen to drive by the Mid-Sun Community Garden this month, there you will see us, heads bowed, digging and dreaming, raising up something truly beautiful for our community. Why don’t you join us? Garden plots are only $20 for the year and everyone – rookies, seasoned gardeners, anyone longing to fall in love with a patch of dirt – is welcome. To enquire about available plots, please contact us at

Watch Us Grow
The growth of the Mid-Sun Community Garden over the past few years has been remarkable. Through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, the garden has become a manicured oasis in the heart of Midnapore. We have a shed, composting bins, a delightful seating area and mulched walkways surrounding our individual plots. And there is more to come, thanks to the wonderful staff at Lowe’s on 130 Avenue SW. 
As part of the Lowe's Canada Heroes employee volunteer program, these community-minded folks raised money all through the month of March for the Mid-Sun Community Association and the community garden. The store was covered with posters promoting Lowe’s support for our community. Customers were asked to donate $2 so that their names could be prominently displayed on paper pagodas in the store. What a great way to raise awareness and support for the community garden program at Mid-Sun!

One of our garden volunteers, Kim Taylor, agreed to be thrown behind bars for the cause on March 20, raising over $600 in bail money. Bravo Kim! Thanks for stepping up for the community garden.

Lowe’s donated over $1,000 to the community garden in 2014, and we look forward to working with them to bring more improvements to the garden in 2015. Thank you to the Lowe’s staff at 130 Avenue SW and to all the customers and supporters who helped make this fundraiser a big success.

Be Beneficial
This is going to be a great year in the garden, but we need lots of help. All our gardeners are asked to be “garden beneficials,” choosing a volunteer role according to their interests and abilities to help make the garden – and the world – a better place.
You can contact any of the volunteers on this list for more information:


Secretary/Treasurer – Dave Bisanti

Fundraising – Kim Taylor

Activities Assistant – Sabine Sellmer

Garden Blogger – Brianna Maryon

Mid-Sun Messages – Katherine Matiko

We are currently looking for a volunteer to represent the community garden on the Mid-Sun Community Association Board of Directors. Please email for more information.

Learn more about the Mid-Sun Community Garden at

The Mid-Sun Community Garden is located beside the Mid-Sun Community Centre at 50 Midpark Rise SE. Admiring visitors are always welcome.

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