Monday, 20 April 2015

April's Garden to-do list

Theres still time!

It's hard to believe April is already here! With all the great weather we have been having you may be itching to get your hands in the dirt so here are a few suggestions of things to get you started on this month.

It's time to clean out those beds and dig compost in as soon as the soil can be worked. Be careful of the bulbs you planted that have yet to show themselves as well as those perennials. Dig and divide perennials, such as day lilies and irises if the ground has thawed.

Fertilize established lawns and make sure to first rake away all the snow mould and dead grass left behind.

If weather allows, plant onion sets, lettuce, spinach, peas, sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus), carrots, radishes and parsnips in the garden.

Indoors, continue to start seeds of squash, melons, and corn. Start tomato seeds if you plan to set them out under protective covering next month. 

Start gladiolus corms indoors. (We have a great selection of bulbs and perennial packages at the store now so definitely come out and take a look!)

Sprout seed potatoes by moving them from cold storage into room temperature. We have potato sacks that you can plant up now and they can be moved inside and out to utilize the days warmth. 

In the last week of the month, remove winter covering from tender roses, perennials, and strawberries. 

In flowerbeds near the end of the month, plant lilies, primroses, and lilies-of-the-valley.

Plant raspberries towards the end of the month, but wait until the soil has begun to warm before planting strawberries. You can plant them indoors and place them in a sunny south facing window until your beds are ready.

Start broccoli seeds indoors for an early crop - but don't delay: soon it will be too warm.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing Garden Retreat's April gardening tips! 

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