Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Mid-Sun Community Garden Pathways Project..what is it all about?

The Mid-Sun Community Garden Pathways Project

What’s it all about?


The mission is to develop mulched pathways among garden plots and as a perimeter around each ‘block’ in the garden, namely the West Block facing the playing field (Phase 1), the Centre Block in front of the compost bins (Phase 2), and the East Block facing the street and school (Phase 3).

The purpose is to block out weeds which are not easily mowed, and thus need to be regularly weed whipped, which has been labour intensive.  Also to enhance garden appearance and create a visual perimeter for the garden to lessen potential vandalism. 

The plan is to replace weedy paths among garden and around plots by cutting out sod, lining with cardboard, then landscape fabric, and filling with 6 inches of mulch.  A berm around the perimeter of the garden facing the field, fence and street provides a way to use sods, plus a visual boundary.

The Pathways Project is now completed for the West Block of the Garden (Phase 1).   

What’s next?

As we are able, with additional resources and labour, we can proceed with the Phase 2 and then Phase 3.
 Good News!
  • A neighbour in our community donated her rose bushes to us.
  • We are seeking expert advice from the Community Garden Resource Network on how and when to transplant these beauties into the berm. 
  • Once the sods have broken down into soil in a year or more, we are interested in your ideas of what to plant in the berm area e.g. potatoes for the Food Bank?  Fruit shrubs?


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