Sunday, 7 July 2013

First workbee of 2013!



 Visiting us at the garden table EARLY Saturday morning at Stampede breakfast - lots of questions and sharing.


Joining us for the workbee afterwards.

What was accomplished?

  •  All cardboard was moved from community centre's storage area and garden shed to outside the shed and tarped, now we can get in the shed!  Cardboard will be used in pathways project - keep tuned for dates.
  • Tidy of the shed.
  • More supplies ready for pathway project put in the shed.
  • All the garbage was dumped into the bin in parking lot.
  • Great attack on weeds in perennial bed and that invasive sumac
  • Two plots dug up that are going to be planted with a test project of cover crops to increase soil nutrients (more details to come on this project)
  • Whipper snipping between the plots

Lots of people from the pancake breakfast were strolling around the garden and viewing our beautiful bounty.  People were amazed what can grow in 4ft X 8ft!

BEST of all was

time spent with old friends and new friends.

As always

laughter, sharing and caring.  

 It didn't rain!!

Thank you to Dave for donating the tomato cages.  These are in the shed if community gardeners need them in their plots.  

 New gardeners first harvest.....ahhhhhh....mmmmm



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