Sunday, 28 July 2013

Raspberry Row..,another example of the garden.

For several years the raspberry patch has struggled...some bushes flourished, others not so much. 
The goals for the opportunity to bless those walking by
(to reach through the fence and have a treat) but also fruit for the gardeners of Mid-Sun. 
Every year, there is a discussion about the raspberries...
and this year a group has stood up and decided to make
a concerted effort to improve the patch.

In some ways, it reminds me of the garden...
enthusiasm and hard work to lay the foundation,
 and there was struggle along the way--some parts of the garden flourished, others dwindle...and then someone comes along and puts in a TON of work like this:

Work that is blistering, heavy, tiring, and mucky...but SO rewarding:
From one gardener to another gardener...thank you.
To all of you who have worked really hard this year at workbees and
DUG DEEP..thank you.
Another example of the garden. 
And this is why we garden here...

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Mid Sun Community Garden said...

The garden is growing in community spirit! Great work!