Friday, 20 September 2013

one gardener's zucchini adventure...:)

My last zucchini was very small & shriveled on the vine. I picked it anyway & put it in a bowl on the table with my tomatoes & onions.
On a recent Friday morning when I was on the phone & computer my 2 year old grey tabby cat, Boomer, decided he wanted to play. He dropped the zucchini on my computer & proceeded to make a nuisance of himself until I threw it down the hall & returned to my phone call.
Within seconds he was back with the little zucchini  dropping it on my computer again. I think he was telling me I need to eat more veggies while simultaneously asking me to play Fetch the Zucchini. At this point I was laughing so hard I couldn't continue my phone call for a few minutes.
Who needs cat toys when you can use produce from your garden?
I learned a lesson that morning. Vegetables aren't just for people!
Incidentally Boomer is still playing it. I have no idea where it is at the moment but I'm sure he does.
Jennifer Pake

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