Friday, 23 June 2017

We had a fantastic Garden Walkabout, led by Lisa K and Karen B, where we learned a whole lot about the garden and the berm.  It was catered by May S and Lisa K, with some awesome cookies made with pansies and lavender and our delicious lemonade had the cutest ice cubes filled with pansies as well.  Such a fun evening!

A huge thank you to Kathy W and Deanna M for supervising the work crews and spreading all of the mulch and getting the hops beds started!  Great job you guys and I know that was a LOT of work!!!  A big thank you to Avi S and Keenan TB who picked up the mulch from the city and had to shovel all 10 cu yards.  The mulch that we received was not the best quality and some of the pieces are quite large.  Unfortunately, with donations, beggars cannot be choosers.  Please be careful when you are on the pathways and if you see stuff that is dangerous, please pick it up and throw it out.

The building crew was also out on Wednesday and we were able to build a raised bed around our hops plants.  This is really important as we have received donations to grow these hops for Village Brewery and for the exchange of hops, we are also able to get free beer for the garden and the community association!!!  We really need to tend to these plants.  Five more hops plants will be planted this weekend and we are looking forward to a successful harvest this year!  A huge thank you to Kerry P, Dave S, Rose-Marie M,  Avi S, Keenan TB, Steph H and me for building the bed.

Having said that, I will be dropping off some contractor bags to the shed today.  There is quite a bit of dirt which is filled with quackgrass that we need to throw out.  We do not want this in our compost heaps.   If you are at the garden over the next day or so, please feel free to grab a contractor bag and fill it half way and take it to the garbage.  If you are able to assist us with this, it would be greatly appreciated.  No one person has to do all of it, but if everyone could do one or two bags worth, the area could be cleaned up in a hurry.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be building raised beds around both the potato and raspberry patches, so I will keep you posted as we will need volunteers to come and help dig out the trenches for the new beds, so that the building crew can started on the new beds.  I have included some pics here for your enjoyment!

PS:  I would also like to mention, that everyone is invited to bring their compost from home and place it in Compost Bin #1, however, plastic bags are not compostable and we ask that you empty the bags and throw the plastic in the garbage.  We would also like to remind everyone that compost should be in manageable pieces, not huge bits as they take too long to breakdown.  Thank you for your cooperation on this as no one wants to have to go through someone else's garbage!

Have a great weekend everyone and if you have any ideas, please let me know!

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