Sunday, 10 April 2016

Calgary - Free Spring Waste Drop Off

With the mild winter and above-average temperatures this spring, many Calgarians are ready to tidy up their yards and get their gardens ready for the new season. Spring cleaning means plenty of yard waste that can be given a second life as compost. Calgarians are encouraged to drop off their yard waste for free at City landfills so it can be composted instead of thrown away.
From April 1 to May 29, all three City of Calgary landfills will waive fees for residential loads of leaves, branches, plants and other garden material. The yard waste will be composted at the sites, turning it back into a useful resource. 
“Yard waste makes up over a third of household garbage at this time of year,” says Sharon Howland, Leader of Program Management at Waste & Recycling Services. “Fallen leaves, branches and plants are all materials that can be composted instead of thrown away. By composting this material, it will help reduce greenhouse gases and turn it into a useful product that helps new plants grow.”
Here are four tips for Calgarians to know about the spring yard waste drop-off program before they come to the landfill:
• Make sure your load only contains yard waste like leaves, branches and plants (no sod – it can’t be composted at City sites). Charges will apply if the load contains other items.
• Residents are encouraged to leave their yard waste loose or put it in paper yard waste bags, which can be composted as well. If yard waste is loose, residents should make sure to secure and cover loads before transporting them.
• City landfills are open seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:
o Spyhill Landfill – 69th St. and 112th Ave. N.W.
o East Calgary Landfill – 17th Ave. And 68th St. S.E.
o Shepard Landfill – 114th Ave. and 86th St. S.E.
• For faster service, visit the landfill on a weekday or before 9 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday when wait times are shorter.
This program is for residential customers only. 
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