Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Garden Update

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When the tangled cobweb pulls 
The cornflower's cap awry, 
And the lilies tall lean over the wall 
To bow to the butterfly, 
It's July

Susan Hartley Swett 

 May Plant Share Members and friends of the Mid-Sun Community Garden gathered on May 30 for an enjoyable morning of plant sharing, coffee drinking and visiting. Planned with aplomb by Kim Taylor from the garden team, the second annual spring plant sharing event was a big success. Thank you to everyone who signed up to help, including (and sorry if we’ve missed you on this list) Kim Taylor, Dave and Maureen Bisanti, Anna Sokolowski, Deanna Mallon, Sabine Sellmer, Catherine Webber, Cheryl Gibson, Karyn Booth, Fred and Sheryl Stenhouse, Chuck and Flo Naylor, Carol Taylor, Bonita Felton, Lloyd King, Theresa Mowatt and Katherine Matiko. Leon Drinnin and Judy Heynen also provided valuable assistance. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for helping to make the community garden (and the world) a beautiful place. It was nice to see fellow gardeners Erin Rainet, Marie Coates, Carol Johnston, Angus Macdonell, Bernice McClaren, Jennifer Pake, Kerry Peters, Verna and Jake Froese, and Laura Ellis out that day, too. 
We raised almost $500 for the garden through enthusiastic participation in our prize draws and plant sales. 

Thank you to all of our donors and vendors!

 Upcoming Events We like to emphasize the “community” in community garden. Watch for announcements of the following potential community events (open to one and all): a herb butter party in July, a family barbecue in August, a harvest “stone soup” supper in September, a fall plant share in September, and, of course, a garden clean-up in October. If you would like to help out with any of these events, please let the garden team know at midsungarden@gmail.com. Learn more about the Mid-Sun Community Garden and pick up some valuable gardening tips at 
mid-suncommunitygarden.blogspot.ca. The garden is located beside the Mid-Sun Community Centre at 50 Midpark Rise SE. Admiring visitors are always welcome.

Thanks to Katherine for this article!

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