Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thank you Lowes for saving the bees!

We’re buzzing: Lowe’s, one of the world’s biggest home and garden retailers, 
just announced it’s no longer going to sell bee-killing "neonic" pesticides.
There’s no way Lowe’s would have done this without you and almost a million
other SumOfUs members. Together with Friends of the Earth, SumOfUs members have
been pushing Lowe’s to save the bees for almost two years -- and it worked!
We’re at a critical moment in the fight to stop the mass bee die-off -- with this
move, we can push other big retailers and governments to save the bees as well.
Here are three easy ways you can help right now:
3. Forward this email to five of your friends and show them that people power works.
Lowe's commitment is the real deal: in the next 4 years, it will phase out all bee-killing
pesticides in shelf products and plants that it sells. 

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