Saturday, 9 August 2014

fresh from the heart challenge--thank you for donating!

"Fresh From the Heart Grow Challenge"

Gardeners Share with the Calgary Food Bank

Here is a win-win-win friendly challenge for all community gardens!

•    Fresh produce for Calgarians short of food
•    Feeling good that your surplus fresh produce is finding a good home
•    Getting to know your neighbouring gardens
•    Bragging rights for community gardeners
•    Encouraging the growth of more community gardens

Here's how it works:
•    Calculate the square footage of your garden under cultivation.

•    Send an email to cgrn@calhort.orgto request a simple registration form that will be used to help the Calgary Food Bank calculate the poundage being donated per garden.

•    Harvest your fresh, disease-free produce (taking pictures as you do). No need to wash or trim the produce.

•    Either take the produce to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank or call & ask them up to come & collect it.  

•    Attend the Harvest Fair on October 1 at Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre & experience the friendly produce competition, farmers' market, awards ceremony and more!

The Mid-Sun Community Garden has been donating food to
the Calgary Food Bank since 2011.

Is your Community Garden up to the Challenge this season?


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